DIY is tempting but can be deceptive

It may be tempting for start-up businesses to work on their own branding and marketing materials rather than having them professionally designed, but this temptation can be deceptive. Creating quality branding is extremely time consuming, requiring a long process to take ideas from the drawing board to the finished designs. Additionally, designing a brand and marketing materials may well mean learning to use a whole new range of programs for designing and editing. For a start-up business, time is of the essence, and time spent figuring out Adobe Illustrator is time lost for promoting, networking, and building up an initial client base.

Furthermore, in today’s fast moving world, having a strong brand from the start is essential to building and maintaining brand recognition – branding and marketing materials need to be memorable, cultivating a set of associations around a company that will be at the forefront of the mind of anybody who sees them. The quality of a brand’s design is vital to the public image of the company; poor quality designs can damage this image, or lead to confusion about what a business does or represents.

As such, it’s vital to get branding right from the beginning. It may be a cliché but first impressions really do count and the wrong design will damage the image of a start-up and in the longer term likely lead to less sales. This means that while a professional design may appear more costly for a new business than DIY branding and marketing materials, over time the opposite is often true.


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