4N signatures – that little bit of extra advertising!

4n singature design

a selection of 4N signatures

A lot of 4N members don’t have properly designed profiles (including myself!!!) and even less have 4N signatures. They are a great way for advertising your brand, especially if you use the forum alot!

Get your brand out there!

If you have a look around the 4N website you will see thousands of posts and articles. Each one of these is viewed a number of times… the only way to get your business name to stand out is a properly designed 4N signature.

As with all branding, it’s a great way to enforce your brand among the viewing public. If you use the 4N forum, it can lead to work and new leads, you get out of it what you put in!

I have produced a fair few 4N profiles recently, they’re quick and easy to do and as a special offer I am doing them for companies for ONLY £40, if you’re interested, let me know and it can be sorted within a couple of days.

People view posts and scroll down to areas which hopefully stand out, the simple, text written 4N signatures do not stand out. An eye-catching 4N signature, branded properly can link back to your website and social networking profiles which will build your following, which in turn leads to new leads and hopefully work!

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